RAFA Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Branch


Contact the Chairman: chairman@edinburghrafa.org.uk

Contact the Secretary: secretary@edinburghrafa.org.uk

Contact the Welfare Team: welfare@edinburghrafa.org.uk

Contact the Wings Team: wings@edinburghrafa.org.uk

Contact the Treasurer: treasurer@edinburghrafa.org.uk

Contact the Webmaster: webmaster@edinburghrafa.org.uk

Contact Communications communications@edinburghrafa.org.uk 


The following are Active Members

Contact the Newsletter Editor: newsletter@edinburghrafa.org.uk

Bob Bertram MBE – Branch President

Branch Chaplain – Rev William Mounsey – Branch Life Vice President

Jim Scott MBE – Branch Life Vice President

Bob Bertram MBE – Branch Life Vice President

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