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Committee Meetings

With effect from Thursday 25 October 2018, the Committee and Members will meet (face to face) Quarterly in The Board Room, Whitefoord House, 53 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8BS at1900Hrs.

Between “face to face meetings” the Committee will conduct business ‘on-line’ and by other virtual means.  Communication will continue as present with and for Members, supporters and other interested parties.

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Charities and the Equality Act 2010





One thought on “News/Branch Minutes (scroll down)

  1. Charlie Carruthers in Sunny Dunny – Brian did you get my poem I posted on e mail yesterday “Knock On The Door” by a Royal Marine (Derek Blevin) about a Royal Marine`s Mum read out last November at York Minster for the 50th Anniversary of Britain`s withdrawl from Aden where 700 of us attended ?? I hope you did get it for the RAFA News letter. I found it very profound !! Keep the flag flying on Sunday and if you are Haddington Corn Exchange at 10am on Saturday we`ll be there with the East Lothian Vets. 603 Gin Ye Daur !CU CCC.

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