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Ex RAF Boy Entrant Telegraphist (Cosford). Served in UK, West Germany, West Berlin, Cyprus (9 Sigs Regt) and Sultanate of Oman (Masirah), 1961 - 1973. 30 years fire service and 5 years Scottish Parliament. Current interests: * Independant Chair, West and East Lothian Social Work Complaints Committees. * External a Chair, award winning (creative Scotland)Pathhead Music Collective. * Spokesman , Pathhead Road Safety Action Group. * Licenced Amateur Radio (MM0LBF) * Amateur (very) Astronomy. * Basic Digital Photography. * Founder Member (Social Partnerships i.e. Fire Brigade (with Plattling in Bavaria) & Town Twinning (Selkirk/Plattling) * Annual Reunion Supporter (44th Entry, RAF Boy Entrants)


Dear All

Please be advised that until such time as the Branch Committee/Trustees consider further arrangements – please make contact via:



Bob Bertram

Branch Chairman



Just in case there is any debate in the future, the “Edinburgh” Branch of the organisation which preceded RAFA was formed on 16th October 1931 i.e. 5 years before the Royal Air Forces Association as we know it!  A certificate signed by the Association’s national President Air Marshal Sir Dusty Miller KBE was received by the Branch during 2013, the 70th Anniversary year of RAFA.  This certificate will be available on our web documents section in due course.

Vice Chairman

Branch Wings Coordinator/Air Cadet Liaison

We need someone to work with other committee and members of the branch; to help plan and run the various fund-raising bag-packs (sometimes in conjunction with local air cadet units) and other similar events. Also to establish contacts and mutual support between the Branch and Air Cadets in our area.
Are you able to provide this service for the branch? Could mainly be by phone, email etc. Or do you know someone who could? No requirement to be a member of the Branch or even RAFA. If you are interested, please get in touch and we can discuss.
Vice Chairman

If you do offer to help; please be assured you will not be on your own – we are a very mutual supportive bunch. We have to be!