29 thoughts on “Newsletters

  1. Sounds like I should move into the electronic age. Please send my future copies by email.

  2. Much better in colour! Happy to receive all newsletters and communications by email.

  3. When sending the confirmation email, perhaps a link to “Unsubscribing” from the hard copy could be introduced.
    But yes, I would be happy not to receive any more paper copies.

  4. I’m fairly sure that I have put myself forward for email only. Please check and remove from hard copy if needed.

  5. i would be happy to have email,any thing that helps to keep costs down JAMES RENWICK

  6. Good evening
    My name is David Butterfield and I would be happy to receive the branch news letter by Email only.
    Thank you

  7. Good morning, on behalf of my wife, Wilma Soulsby, who has the same email address as me, and myself, we would be happy to receive the branch newsletter by email. Kind regards.

  8. I too am happy to receive the magazine via email only.
    Every little helps, (Sorry Tesco)…

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