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 Branch Newsletter 82 – Summer 2020

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21 thoughts on “Newsletters”

  1. I’m fairly sure that I have put myself forward for email only. Please check and remove from hard copy if needed.

  2. Good evening
    My name is David Butterfield and I would be happy to receive the branch news letter by Email only.
    Thank you

    1. The most recent newsletter was only 3 separate pages Duncan. Have checked; and they appear to be ok.

      Bob Bertram

  3. Good morning, on behalf of my wife, Wilma Soulsby, who has the same email address as me, and myself, we would be happy to receive the branch newsletter by email. Kind regards.

    1. Graham
      Your email address not shown on your comment, but hope you get this reply. I have passed the name “Graham” to the newsletter editor and as he is also the membership secretary – he may be able to tell who it is. Meantime; it might be useful if you contacted the newsletter editor via email and confirmed your request. Many thanks Bob Bertram Chairman

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